“Call Rob a songwriter or call him a singer – both of which he patently is – but not a singer-songwriter. He’s so much better than that”.
Tom Robinson – BBC 6 Music

[Rob’s debut album These Word’s Aren’t Meant For Me is] “an album of uncompromising vision and beauty.”
Todd Severin – The Ripple Effect

“Ability to weave unconventional elements into familiar genres…searching vocals call to mind Tim Buckley… Intriguing…gorgeous”
Keith Ames – The Musician (Musicians Union Publication)

Adriana Rubio – Arts Publications Music & Films

“Songs…really pack some punch.”
Nell McLeod – SOS (Sound on Sound) 

“Nice record…some lovely moments.”
Jon Astley – Record Producer

“I believe him…Music both mellow and heavy.”
Christopher Levine – Eclectiblogs 

“Powerful…catchy…anthemic songs… Strong and memorable.”
Colin Bailey –

“What a voice! Familiar but refreshing… soothing and warming music… to pluck away at your own heartstrings… full of cigarette lighter waving moments”
Paul Rawcliffe – FATEA


Tori Amos, Goo Goo Dolls, Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, Rush & Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley, Eagles, Nirvana, Manic Street Preachers, Nick Drake, Bob Mould, Neil Young, Soundgarden, Sylvia Plath, Dylan Thomas, T.S. Eliot and traditional music played raw in the pubs of Ireland.


Rob’s album These Word’s Aren’t Meant For Me and his EP HALF-HEARD were both produced by Adrian Hall (Alicia Keys, Black Eyed Peas, Robbie Williams, Sinead O’Connor).These Word’s Aren’t Meant For Me was mastered by Jon Astley (The Who, George Harrison, Jools Holland, Led Zeppelin). HALF-HEARD was mastered by Andy ‘Hippie’ Baldwin at Metropolis. They are available to buy direct here.

Radio & Streaming:

These Words Aren’t Meant For Me has generated hype with global radio play on numerous independent radio stations including Radio Caroline, Seagull (Holland), Indie 104 (USA), and CISM 89.FM (Canada). Rob has performed and been interviewed on numerous radio stations, including BBC 3 Counties on both Nick Coffer’s and Roberto Perrone’s shows. Robs material is regularly streamed on Spotify with a growing audience.


In 2013 Rob completed a three-month tour of the USA playing in New York, Boston, San Francisco, LA and Las Vegas. He has played festivals including Standon Calling and was a headline act at Folkstock. In 2014 Rob performed at SXSW’s Music Gear Expo in Austin, Texas. In 2015 Rob played in the official line up of The Great Escape festival in Brighton. Rob then took a break from performing to focus on songwriting. In 2028 Rob attended BBC music Introducing and performed and streamed a YouTube live gig from home during the first Covid lockdown. He is planning on getting back on the road with his new material in 2022.


Rob continues to produce his own music videos, which to date have received over 550,000 views on Rob’s YouTube Channel.


Disaster struck in June 2014 when Rob suddenly lost the hearing in his right ear following a rabies vaccination he had ahead of a planned trip to film in the Amazon in Peru. It was a traumatic time, causing Rob to be out of action for months, in and out of hospital and not knowing if he was going to go completely deaf – thankfully this has not been the case. Rob will never regain the lost hearing in his right ear but it’s not stopping him writing and performing.